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Our Story

The Port. You want to know our plan? And how we expect to join the ranks of dinning meccas
such as yourselves? Listen closely and we’ll tell you. Forlorn brick walls are old school and are
being replaced by a unique urban container design, casual outdoor dining spaces, and tastefully
un-uniform tenant signage, all of which is a mere tease for the F&B experience within. Inside,
The Port, once complete, will be transformed from a multi-level semi enclosed space to an
open-to-the-sky marketplace filled with culinary delights, specialty pitch, art installations and
performances. Most of the great local brands will be found here, as well as newer discoveries
sourced from artisans working down the street and around the globe. They form the vanguard
of a new generation that not only embrace urban culture but imbue it with a uniquely local
flavor that is all their own.
So, if you want to try a range of cool and quirky cuisines that you simply cannot find anywhere
else, or simply come to one of our many, many events…rest assured, it will be an experience
like no other.



The PORT Complex
We intend to make THE PORT a centerpiece of Urban Suburbs of Kuwait, a place that
celebrates life in the suburbs and connects the talents and resources of suburban businesses,
residents and workers. Our success in doing so will be measured by the degree to which we
enrich the lives of those working, dining or visiting The Port.
PORT Purpose
We exist to create a transformative real estate development that will make a
meaningful contribution to enhancing the quality of life in the urban suburbs of Kuwait.
Port Investment
We are investing our financial and human capital, intending that both will be rewarded
for their contributions. We intend to reinvest our rewards and our financial and human capital
in future projects that will make similar contributions to urban development.
PORT Connection
We connect to and support the suburban community, inviting local rest businesses,
artists and arts organizations and community institutions to join us at The Port and to benefit
from that association.
PORT Economic Value
With determination, we will deliver the very best economic value available in the
market to our tenants, customers and visitors. The assessment of “value” will include the
physical beauty, the quality of service, the convenience and efficiency and the vibrant urbanity
of The Port.
The values and brand of The Port and its restaurant components are structured to be true to
the values adopted and expressed by the ownership.